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  • Material: Acrylic Shrink Plastic and Resin
  • Size: Approximately 1-2 inches in length
  • Weight: Only 0.02 oz

Attachments and Hardware:
Pins - feature two clasps
Magnets - have two-three magnets attached
Suction Cups - boast one small suction cup for exterior aquarium decoration
Earrings - Unless Otherwise specified, Dangle is usually 1 inch! hypoallergenic Hooks


Lapel Pin: Wear your admiration for your fish with our charming lapel pin, perfect for adding a touch of aquatic flair to any outfit.

Magnet: Bring the beauty of any fish into your home with our eye-catching magnet, ideal for displaying on your fridge or magnetic board.

Suction Cup: Decorate the outside of your aquarium with our delightful suction cups, showcasing this majestic fish in all its glory. (Note: Suction cups are not suitable for interior aquarium use.)

Earrings: Decorate your day with our delightful handmade earrings! Silver and Gold options are available and dangle about an inch unless otherwise specified!

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    Decide on your fish! It can be anything!

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    Enter the fish in the text box!

    • The personalization box below is titled "Specify Your Fish"!
    • Specify if your custom Pinnow is dedicated to a Pet Fish.
  • Step 3:

    Upload a photo of your fish!

    • Add a photo of your fish by uploading one from your device!
    • This step is optional!


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Check out what customers made!

These are a few examples of custom made pins from some of our customers! Some custom made fish are sometimes even added to collections other may purchase as well*!

*Fish made from pets are not available to others

Custom Pin For Customer

"Red Asian Arowana"

- "It's PERFECT thank you! Looks just like the Arowana I used to own!! 10/10"

Custom pin for gift favors

"Sea Bream"

- "Ahh yess I love it so much, thank you! Can I buy a dozen?"

custom pin for customer

"Pumpkin Seed to match my photo"

- "Oh I love it so much, it's perfect!"