Our Newest Collection!

New Betta Lapel Pins, Magnets, and Suction Cups!

Custom Pinnows

Caught a unique fish or own a special pet?

Get your OWN handmade Pinnow!

Custom Lapel Pins, Magnets, Suction Cups, and Earrings

  • Custom Pet Fish

  • Custom New Fish

  • Custom Colored Bluegill

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Betta Collection

Our newest and most colorful collection yet! All Bettas are availble are Earrings Studs!

Collect them here

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Marine Collection

Not everything that lives in the water are fish! Find the Octopus, Lobster, Devil Ray and more here!


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Salmon Collection

Love Salmon? Find the Sockeye, Chinook, Coho, Pink, and Chum Salmon here! Lapel Pins, Magnets, Suciton Cup, and even Earrings are available!

Go Fishing!

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