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White Tip Shark

White Tip Shark

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White Tip Shark

Explore the depths of the ocean with our handmade shrink plastic products featuring the White Tip Shark! Each item celebrates the sleek and powerful nature of these apex predators.

Fun Fact: White Tip Sharks, known for their distinctive white-tipped dorsal and caudal fins, are often found resting on the ocean floor during the day and hunting at night. They are renowned for their agility and hunting prowess.

Product Details

  • Material: Acrylic Shrink Plastic and Resin
  • Size: Approximately 1-2 inches in length
  • Weight: Only 0.02 oz
  • Attachment: Pins feature two clasps, magnets have two-three magnets attached, and suction cups boast one small suction cup for exterior aquarium decoration.


Lapel Pin: Wear your admiration for the Whitetip Shark with our charming lapel pin, perfect for adding a touch of aquatic flair to any outfit.

Magnet: Bring the beauty of the Whitetip Shark into your home with our eye-catching magnet, ideal for displaying on your fridge or magnetic board.

Suction Cup: Decorate the outside of your aquarium with our delightful Whitetip Shark suction cup, showcasing this majestic fish in all its glory. (Note: Suction cups are not suitable for interior aquarium use.)

About Us: As a dedicated fish enthusiast and aquarium owner, I'm thrilled to share the beauty of the Whitetip Shark through my handmade creations. Please note that these are HANDMADE products! Slight variations will occur from original photo. These are not metal or enamel and are slightly more fragile due to this. 

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Customer Reviews

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Bought the entire shark collection!

Items are beautifully made, and packaged with lots of care. Even included a free pin with my purchase of 6! Overall great business, and will most likely buy again :)